Hot Topic: WE17 Logistics

Get ready for WE17! Always connecting. Always engineering.

It may seem like October is forever away but it is never too early to make plans! WE17 is coming up in Austin, TX and we want to see all of you there!

First, start by registering for the conference! Collegiates attend for a discounted price. Once you register by September 25, figure out where you are going to stay and how you are going to get there!

After working out these specific details, start to look into volunteering at conference and at Invent It. Built It.

Start to prep your resume for the Career Fair! The Career Fair at conference is my favorite one! You can find a company for every single characteristic and industry you are looking for! Check out this webinar to learn more about being career fair saavy.

Next, go shopping and closet raiding for business casual clothing. Follow this webinar as a guide on what not to wear to conference!

Lastly, check out the online planner to start to get your conference experience optimized!

Stay swawesome!



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