Back to School: What’s in our backpacks?

Honestly, as a college student, your backpack functions as your savior more often than not. But knowing what to pack and making sure that you are prepared for anything can be kind of stressful! Hopefully, we can help! I asked the RCT some questions about proper backpack maintenance!

What's in our

  • When should I pack my bag?

    Everyone agrees here; pack the night before! Waking up is hard enough so get yourself together before bed! Hannah says to think through your day ahead of time and also account for opportunities to go back to your room & switch out books or clothes. Shreya also always preps her backpack the night before and then double checks it in the morning to make sure she has everything she needs for the day.


  • What item do you ALWAYS make sure is packed?

    Personally, this MidWest weather always has me carrying an umbrella because you honestly never know. Usually, one will fit on the side of our backpack in the water bottle pouch, either with your bottle or in the second holder if you are lucky enough! Also, don’t forget a refillable water bottle! Kelsey never leaves home without a pack of squeezy applesauce (like the kind made for toddlers) because when she gets hungry, she’s a mess. Applesauce has so much sugar it just perks her right back up; plus you don’t need a spoon and it’s kind of healthy(?). Hannah has an awesome tip about being prepared for anything in class! She always carries two types of calculators (scientific and graphing), just in case!


  • How do you keep your backpack organized?

    Two main things make up our organizational toolbox here: color coding and small bags. Use small bags for each type of item in your backpack: a bag for pencils and pens, a bag for medical/beauty emergencies, a bag for an extra phone charger and computer charger, a bag for snacks. With all the small bags, you don’t have as many things cluttering up your big bag and getting in your way. On this note, another thing to try is keeping anything that could end up in your backpack (refills for your small bags) in a central location or drawer in your room so you aren’t scrambling last minute. Color coding is also helpful in order to easily grab what you need. Try to have a different colored binder for every class with corresponding notebooks or folders. Or maybe your classes for a specific day are all the same color or in one binder.


What are you best tips for keeping a good backpack? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay swawesome!

– Molly


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