Meet Us: Your Lt. Governor

horse racing

Hey guys! Meet Stephanie Foege, your Lieutenant Governor for FY18. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Computer Engineering. This summer, she drove down Illinois to view the eclipse in its totality. The amazing part? None of her kids went blind from staring at the sun! In her free time, Stephanie loves sewing and cake decorating.

She has been involved in SWE since 2002 and couldn’t be more excited about being your Lt. Governor. Her favorite SWE memories are the ones made bonding with others at conference. “…just being a part of the conferences- sitting around talking to new and old friends.” is what she recalls being her fondest SWE memories.

You know she is your Lieutenant Governor but what does a lieutenant governor do? The Lt. Governor is the organizer of the Region Collegiate Team. She facilitates information-sharing between us. She also serves as Region Governor if the Governor is temporarily unable to serve.

We are so happy to have you serving as our Lieutenant Governor, Stephanie!


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