Hot Topic: WE17 is almost here!

14 Days. I repeat, 14 days!

In 14 days, I will officially be in Austin, TX with thousands of my closest women in engineering, including you (hopefully)! I am so excited for WE17. Whether this is your first conference or you consider yourself a conference veteran, this post should shed some light on a lot of the fun things going on and give you some resources to help you optimize your conference experience.

First of all, explore the website a little! You can find videos to pump you up for this year’s theme “Always Connecting, Always Engineering” and find links to other useful things like the online schedule and planner! Download the app to get your personalized schedule right at your fingertips no matter where you are!

You’ll do a lot of networking while at conference. For some beginners tips, check out this webinar but for some more in depth information on the newest trends in networking, check out this webinar!

Two of my favorite things are conference are the Career Fair and the Keynote Speaker. Last year’s keynote can be found in this podcast! If you got a ticket before they sold out, you are in for an amazing and inspiring kick off speech to get you ready for the weekend ahead!

I’ll be blogging and live tweeting the conference so be sure to always check back for the latest news! Can’t wait to see you there in 14 days!

Stay SWAwesome,



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