Super Sections Sunday: University of Iowa



October’s Super Section Sunday feature is the University of Iowa for their awesome fundraising habits!

The University of Iowa’s SWE Section takes pride in their fundraising methods.  To raise money for their student organization, they take advantage of many fundraising opportunities on a variety of platforms. The money raised goes to covering both national and local conference registration fees for interested members, as well as basic needs of their section such as hosting our annual High School Conference, supplies for volunteering and outreach, food for their annual recruitment week (SWE Week), and member enrichment.

SWE tries to make their fundraising efforts effective and enjoyable.  In the fall, fundraising efforts include volunteering at an annual carnival that the College of Engineering hosts for alumni, professors, and their families.  This gives them the opportunity to network while still having a blast and raising money for their section.  New this year to their SWE fundraising is a community day with a local restaurant, where a percent of their profits on a certain day is donated directly to their SWE Section.  Another way they raise money for the student organization is by assisting with stadium “Clean-Ups” after large sporting events.  Although it sounds daunting and mundane, they get into the event for free prior to volunteering, bond with other SWE members, and have a great time!  Similarly, SWE works at concession stands at a University sporting event and receives funds based on the number of volunteers.  In the past, their section has also fundraised by selling College of Engineering apparel to students and staff.

In addition to these fundraising efforts, for conferences, they apply for travel grants to reduce the transportation costs.  Their section pays for the registration of anyone who wishes to attend as long as he/she is an active member and participate in one fundraiser.  They have a simple points system to determine if one is an “active member.” Points are generally allocated as 1 point per event, except volunteer, outreach, and fundraising events, where points are allocated per hour.  This system also provides an excellent tool to track attendance trends throughout the year to improve future events. Funds not used for conference are split among other activities listed above. Without sufficient funding, they would not be able to make these events as great as they are. In the end, they believe that fundraising is vital to sustaining a successful SWE section! Below are some pictures from their fundraising events!


Keep up the great work University of Iowa! For more fundraising best practices, check out the best practices blog posts!

Stay SWAwesome,



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