Get to Know Us: Tricia Walker

horse racing

Hey guys! Meet Tricia Walker, your Governor for FY18. She is a graduate of Iowa State with a BS in ESci-BME and University of Iowa with an MS in BME. After celebrating her birthday on August 5th, she declared this year is the ‘year of the 40’ and she planned several vacations to celebrate. Only fitting since she loves to travel and has had trips to Mexico, Las Vegas, Nashville, Italy and Napa Valley.

Her favorite SWE memory happened at WE14. “Accepting the Emerging Leader award on stage at WE14 from one of my best friends and SWE President Elizabeth Bierman.” she says was her fondest memory of her SWE career.

You know she is your Governor but what does a governor do? Your Region Governor is a professional member. She runs and represents our region. She also advises region leaders, keeps us updated on SWE issues, reports on our needs, and ensures the health of your section and the region as a whole.

We are so happy to have you serving as our Governor, Tricia!


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