Hot Topic: Utilizing Counselors and Faculty Advisors

Counselors and faculty advisors can be a large asset to the health of your collegiate section! We get a lot of questions about what the difference between the two positions is and what their jobs are. This blog will highlight those points for you!

Counselors are a requirement for all collegiate sections to be in good standing with the society.  Your SWE Counselor is an elected professional member who serves as a collegiate section mentor and provides guidance with respect to Society information. Each collegiate section is required to have a SWE counselor and the are elected annually by college section according to Bylaws. The counselor is a non-voting member of the collegiate section and are a member of a local professional section or a Region
member-at-large (MAL). Update your roster if your SWE Counselor changes by e-mailing

Faculty Advisors are recommended but not required by SWE.  University guidelines often dictate that any student organizations require a faculty advisor.  They do not need to be a paid SWE member. Your advisor is a professor or staff member that provides the connection between the school and the SWE collegiate section. Your advisor is chosen by the SWE section or school administration. Your advisor does not have to be a paid member of SWE. This person oversees the section and ensures that all school rules
and obligations are being followed.  Note: If your Faculty Advisor is not a paid member of SWE, e-mail to maintain proper contact information.

Some key tips from the Faculty Advisor/Counselor Training webinar:

  • Meet regularly! Invite them to attend Officer Meetings, General Meetings, and large events. (Actually reach out and send an extra email update monthly!)
  • Keep a “running agenda” with each that gives updates such as “What we are up to this month” and “Things we need your help with”.
  • Include them in your large discussions on major changes to your section’s organization.

If you have questions about counselors or faculty advisors, contact Diane Peters, Society Counselor/Faculty Advisor Coordinator at!

Stay SWAwesome,



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