What Did We Do at Conference?

It’s already been like a whole month since conference and we still feel like it was just yesterday! First off, here’s the blog post I wrote while in Austin!

What's in our

Writing to you from Austin, Texas at the WE17 Conference! Last night,  I met so many amazing people at the Ice Cream Social and Dueling Piano performance. Today, I will be attending the Keynote Breakfast, some Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) workshops, the Collegiate Welcome Luncheon, the Region H Meeting, and the Career Fair and hospitality suites. Tomorrow you can find me at CLI and various workshops. This year, as I am soon to be a graduate, I am focussing my workshops on my SWE future and professional transition workshops. The last day of conference is then upon us (BOOOOOO). I will be volunteering at Invent It Build It as a Middle School Role-Model. This is my third Invent It Build It and I couldn’t imagine my conference experience without it. Having all generations of women interested in engineering coming together to learn and have fun with each other is an unforgettable event. Speaking of unforgettable events, I will be then be at Celebrate SWE and the after concert! I love getting to see everyone all dressed up and being honored for all the great things you do! Shoutout to our region for being represented in all categories for awards!

Here’s what you RCT loved about WE17 and what conference to catch up with us at next!

  1. What was your favorite thing you did in Austin?
    • Hannah – How do I choose??!!! Meeting my fellow RCT members was spectacular (: I also really loved meeting everyone on the LCC for the first time, and getting to know SWE Leaders at CLI!
    • Kelsey – Attending Celebrate SWE with my section was really fun!! And of course voodoo donuts was delicious.
  2. What was your favorite workshop you attended?
    • Hannah – I have many (: There was an amazing negotiation seminar at CLI that gave so much relevant and empowering information about negotiating your worth professionally. Ariel Biggs was also a speaker at CLI, and she made me want to become a race car driver. I was so inspired by her passion! She really does embody the word “relentless” and I will definitely take a page from her book. Finally, there was a speaker at the LCC meeting (Train the Trainer), that gave a great presentation on adjusting to change. And it really helped me put into perspective what all the new governance changes mean for SWE, and how SWE leaders can roll out these changes in a way that is beneficial to members.
    • Kelsey – I attended a workshop on how to support community college swe affiliate groups. It was interesting to learn about the unique challenges these groups face. I’m hoping to help coordinate some swe events with the community colleges near my school.
  3. What was your favorite special event?
    • Hannah – The keynote was awesome! The speaker really emphasized the importance of taking on stretch assignments and taking on projects outside of your comfort zone.
    • Kelsey – I loved the keynote message of jump in, network, and think big.
  4. What are you looking forward to about next conference?
    • Hannah – My next conference will be WE18 and I AM SO EXCITED! It’s in Minneapolis, where I live (: I can’t wait to see how my community embraces the many, many amazing women engineers there for WE18! It will also be my first year on the LCC so I am very excited to see what I can add to LCC events.
    • Kelsey – I’ll be at WELocal Milwaukee in March. I’m excited to attend my first WELocal and see the new conference format.






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