Super Section Sunday

The University of Wisconsin at Madison has a unique leadership structure and shadowing program that helps members stay engaged and encourages new members to be involved!


Their section is made up of 1 president, 5 vice presidents, and 17 officers. Each position is a 2 semester commitment, but they have some positions that turn over on spring semester. Each officer is elected the semester before serving and will be trained one on one by the previous officer.  The officers lead committees, large events, or help with the overall organization of the chapter. One of their goals this year was to increase the visibility of our officers and executive board to their general members to promote more interest in SWE and networking. To do this, they now have incentives for their officers and VPs to talk to someone new every section meeting which is tracked by the general members in their online interest form. Another program started this semester is thier shadowing program through their New Member Committee. This committee is dedicated to welcoming new members of all years to navigate their large SWE section. Members of this committee were given the opportunity to shadow officers within SWE to learn more about the position, their SWE section, and the officer as a fellow student as well. These shadowing sessions take place during the officer’s regular office hour in a very relaxed manner. Depending on the position being shadowed, the new member can help complete tasks with the officer, ask any questions they may have, or submit/brainstorm ideas to improve the section. Some examples of questions

  • What lead you to become President/a VP? / How do you get there?
  • What are the best ways to become involved as a new member?
  • What leadership can a new member hold?
One suggestion they have had so far is to post office hours in their weekly email to make general members more aware of the opportunity. Overall they’ve been very happy with the results of the shadowing program and how many new members have become increasingly involved. Their elections are next week and President Morgan Kemp is happy to see all her shadowees that are running for a position with only 1 semester into SWE. Even if they do not win that position, she believes this program will make their section even stronger in the coming years.
Keep up the great work!

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