Super Section Sunday:

Welcome back y’all! Hopefully everyone is back in the swing of things!
Change things up this semester and utilize your facility advisor more! Here is an awesome story about an awesome faculty advisor!
Northwestern University’s SWE advisor, Ellen Worsdall, has been very involved with her SWE chapter in ensuring their successful execution of events. Their chapter runs their university’s largest technical recruiting career fair in the Fall called SWE Industry Day. This career fair brings in over 60 companies and 1000 students. She helps coordinate communication between the recruiters and day-of logistics with their two members on exec that are in charge of the event. Additionally, their biggest outreach event each year, Career Day for Girls, brings in about 200 middle school and high school girls and she always helps a ton with reaching out to professors for lab tours and and organizing the details for the day with their outreach director. Beyond these big events, she is always helping out whenever they reach roadblocks.
Not only is the chapter so grateful to have her as their faculty advisor, but she has also been a huge asset in many of their personal lives. At their first general meeting every year, she gives an inspiring talk about the gender differences between men and women and how engineering is difficult but you ARE smart enough to do it. She always leaves her door open for anyone who needs support. For many of them, she has been a sound board when they are juggling difficult decisions such as changing majors, navigating career decisions, or feeling overwhelmed by life. Overall, their chapter would not be where it is at without the support of Ellen.

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