Get to Know: Hannah!

Starting this year, each month will feature a guest writer in order to allow you to get to know them a little better! This month is all about Hannah!

  1. Tell us about your SWE Journey.

My first exposure to SWE was as a high school student. My senior year, I did a job-
shadow at Medtronic, and met many women in engineering (including Tricia Walker),
which inspired me to join SWE as soon as I matriculated. As a freshman and
sophomore, being part of my SWE collegiate section was a great way to learn more
about navigating University life, and finding resources. However, one of the most pivotal
moments of my SWE career was my first Region conference at UW-Platteville, which
showed me how SWE is a community that extends outside of just my University and
peer group. This inspired me to pursue leadership at the Society and Region levels to
learn more about how SWE supports women in technical fields, and how I can be a part
of that on a more impactful scale. After freshman year, I got in contact with the Region
Collegiate Team and became the FY17 Region H Membership Coordinator. I really
enjoyed the challenge of addressing a variety of section membership needs and
expanding the role in novel ways. I also joined the FY17 Society Bylaws Committee to
understand more about SWE’s bylaws and Senate. Both those positions enabled me to
meet SWE leaders across the country and see how I can expand my leadership in SWE
beyond my collegiate years. I am currently an FY18 Collegiate Representative, and I love
being able to promote resources, such as the LCC and SWE Next program, help sections
share best practices in a more organized, efficient way, and increase section
involvement. I have given a lot of thought to what I have loved about my leadership
roles so far, and where I want to take my SWE leadership in the future. I realized that
everything I love about representing collegiates, and all the consulting skills I have
developed through my role as an RCR and RCMC, made the Leadership Coaching
Committee a great fit. I have started the transition process to become a Leadership
Coach, and I can’t wait to start working with my future sections starting this summer!
The LCC is an amazing community of SWE leaders and I can’t wait to share my love and
passion for SWE in this capacity.

2. Why did you decide engineering and your specific discipline?

I decided to major in engineering because I wanted to challenge myself and learn a hard
skill-set. In college, I discovered my passion for physics, the aerospace industry, and
process improvement. I decided to major in aerospace engineering specifically because
the classes are so fascinating (I got to use a flight simulator for my Mechanics of Flight
class), I love how physics based the program is, and planes are awesome. Over the
summer, I was a manufacturing engineering intern, and I realized how much I love
process improvement and analysis. I loved being able to design studies to quantifiable
measure the importance of factors in a process.

3. What is something important in your life outside of SWE/school?

Outside of SWE and engineering I LOVE cooking! Around final exams I stress baked
many things, including Kiflis (pastries filled with jam), chocolate espresso cookies twice,
and cinnamon rolls from scratch. I recently compiled all my favorite recipes (with my
adaptations) into recipe documents, and my goal down the road is to print/publish my
favorite recipes into my own cookbook. I also love reading when I have the time (:

Thanks Hannah! Stay SWAwesome!


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