Super Section Sunday: Community Conversations


This past month, we asked you to share what new events you are most excited about and proud of! This Sunday, we will be featuring three school’s efforts to reach out and start change in their communities.

SWE UW- Madison partnered with WISE, NESBE, ACM -M, MRSEC and University housing to have a showing of the film Hidden Figures. After the showing of the movie two panelist from the University and community. One panelist, Dr. Sami Schalk, is an associate professor in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at UW- Madison. Her research focuses on disability, race, and gender in contemporary literature and culture. The second panelist was Winnie Karanja the Founder and Executive Director of Maydm, a county based organization that equips girls and students of color with technical skills to become innovators and leaders. The panelist were able to answer questions like “How do we begin to untangle the intersections of race and gender in this story to understand the bias that the women in Hidden Figures faced?” and “How can we recognize the talents and accomplishments of others without having bias?”. This event was new to our chapter this semester and provided a great way to network with other organizations on campus and open up discussion on important topics like gender and racial bias in STEM fields.


Oakland University’s Society of Women Engineers participates in the Maker Girl Mania event every year. Approximately 600 girls K-7 attend this event at a local high school with the goal of encouraging girls interest in Engineering. The event contains about 30 different stations that highlight engineering, coding, and problem solving with hands-on activities. Last year, SWE hosted a table where girls could make their own flower pens. The chapter is preparing to have another great craft planned for the girls to make this year!


The SWE Illinois section is excited to be taking part in the countries largest science fair, Engineering Open House, March 9th and 10th. Over 30,000 visitors will come over the weekend to see student groups, industry partners, and labs present demos. This year we will be creating a mad scientist themed Escape Room. The room will be split into three sub rooms, each with an age adjusted puzzle aligned with a different engineering discipline. The first puzzle will be chemical engineering, the second puzzle electrical engineering, and the third puzzle mechanical engineering. Guided by SWE volunteers, visitors will need to solve these puzzles to move on to the next room and escape the mad scientist. We’re excited to have a new and interactive exhibit for Engineering Open House this year and hope we are able to show off what engineers can do!
Engineering Open Hourse

Keep up the SWAwesome work sections!!

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