Super Section Sunday: Membership Enrichment

This past month, we asked you to share what new events you are most excited about and proud of! This Sunday, we will be featuring three school’s efforts to give their members excellent opportunities to develop themselves as students and future professionals.


Purdue University
“At the start of the year, our SWE counselor suggested connecting more with the faculty on campus and helping our members explore careers in academia. Last semester, we hosted a grad student panel and a lunch with professors on campus. The goal of this lunch was to start forming relationships with faculty by sharing what Purdue SWE has been working on and by learning what it is like to work in academia. We broke up into smaller groups of about 2 professors and 6 students for casual conversations over lunch. Not only did this lunch help Purdue SWE members connect with faculty, but it also sparked a lot of new event ideas! Some of these ideas included lab tours, a research panel or showcase, and a speed networking event. The enthusiasm behind these events highlights the importance of creating relationships not only with industry, but also with the professors here on campus. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future and exploring the suggested events.”

Bradley University

On February 8th Bradley’s SWE chapter hosted the company ADM. ADM and Bradley’s SWE had a meeting on the interview process, resume critique and a fun activity of mock interviews. After speaking of their company and their interview process works, we had mock interviews. During the mock interviews, ADM employees asked basic questions and students tried to answer them as best as possible. It was a wonderful experience being able to get helpful hints as we developed our strategies for interviews.  After doing a few group interview questions we talked about how behaviours are just as important in an interview as a good resume. Always be positive and have a story to tell in your answers, it will make you more memorable, were just one of the good pieces of advice we received. ADM also accepted resumes to help critique and spruce up. Overall the mock interview activity was received very well and seemed to be most helpful, we are so excited to do this again next year.


Milwaukee School of Engineering

The SWIM program – SWE Women in Mentoring – is a program where officers or upperclassmen serve as mentors to underclassmen SWE members.  They can provide academic, professional, or personal guidance to the younger members as they take on the field of Engineering.  The mentors can also provide advice on programs to get involved in on campus.  This program is also working on gaining professional mentors from industry to provide guidance to members as they search for internships and full-time positions.  They can also provide advice on work-life balance

SWE Officers

Stay SWAwesome!



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