Get to Know Us: Kelsey Harper Guest Write

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Kelsey Harper is your RCS: Regional Collegiate Senator. Learn more about Kelsey through her Guest Write!

“I chose to pursue engineering after a group of biomedical engineering students visited my middle school to talk about their degrees. I decided that engineering was the best way to make a difference and help people all over the world. From that moment I was hooked. My middle school and high school teachers were incredibly supportive and fostered my curiosity, which helped further my interest in engineering.
I joined SWE my freshman year at the University of Minnesota and found a supportive community to help get me through those first few physics and chemistry classes. Older SWE members mentored me and helped me eventually decide to change my major from biomedical engineering to mechanical engineering. I realized I wanted a broader major where I could explore many different industries. My sophomore year I was appointed to the Outreach Director position of our section where I planned and executed two 300 person events on campus for high school students interested in STEM studies. This was a great opportunity to learn more about large scale event planning and work on my personal leadership skills. I was also the Regional Collegiate Membership Coordinator and started getting to know the incredible section leaders in Region H. My junior year I was elected Vice President of the University of Minnesota Section and Regional Collegiate Representative for Region H. Both of these roles were great opportunities to continue learning and sharing best practices, meeting other incredible women in engineering, and supporting SWE across the Midwest. This year I was elected President of my collegiate section and Senator for the region. I’ve been able to learn more about SWE’s bylaws and strategic plan through my role in the senate. There are so many important details in our bylaws and working on the region dissolution process has been a fun and unique challenge. As my section’s president I’ve enjoyed watching the up and coming leaders at my school grow and learn.
Outside of SWE I enjoy going to trivia, binge watching TV shows, and scrapbooking. I’ve also been known to spend hours watching cute dog videos and making color coded spreadsheets for everything. If you have any questions about my roles in SWE please reach out.”

Stay SWAwesome!


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