Treasurer Responsibilities & Transitions

Treasurer Responsibilities Work as a part of your section’s executive leadership to ensure financial assets are tracked and protected Responsible for tracking and protecting all section assets Collect, safely keep, and distribute funds Sign checks / Deposit funds Keep an exact accounting of all receipts and expenditures Prepare and submit the annual section budget Chair … Continue reading Treasurer Responsibilities & Transitions

SWE Region H President’s Meeting @ Region H Conference

At the Region H President's meeting, the presidents and president-elects of several collegiate SWE sections came together to share successful events, brainstorm ideas, and ask questions. Below are some highlights from the conversation! SWE Best Practices Outreach/Mentorship Went to a middle school across the street and worked with a 5th grade class to do an egg … Continue reading SWE Region H President’s Meeting @ Region H Conference

WE Local Madison Committee Members

WE Local - Madison Conference Team is looking for committee members to help plan the conference! When: Planning phone calls start in April Conference will be in one of the first weekends of March 2018 What: Seeking 15 committee members for following subcommittees: Awards, Communications, Outreach, Collegiate Poster Competition, Program, Social, Sponsorship, and Volunteer Positions … Continue reading WE Local Madison Committee Members

Apply for SWE Scholarships

Apply now for Society of Women Engineers' scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. Collegiates who will be sophomores through Ph.D. candidates can apply online now through February 15, 2017. The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women studying baccalaureate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. Students … Continue reading Apply for SWE Scholarships

Apply for a Region H position!

FY18 nominations for the Region H team are now open. The Region H Nominating Committee is accepting applications for the following positions:  Lieutenant Governor Secretary Treasurer Senator Regional Collegiate Representatives (RCRs) Region Collegiate Communication Editor (RCCE) Region Collegiate Senator (RCS) Society Nominating Committee Region Representative Descriptions and qualifications for the positions are available on the … Continue reading Apply for a Region H position!