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Saturday, September 10th : 1st Professional Section Representative Report Due

Monday, September 15th: Deadline for Nominee Applications for Society FY16 Elections

Sunday, September 21st: President’s Conference Call

Saturday, September 27th: Region H HART Conference (Indianapolis, IN)

Tuesday, September 30th : Member Drop Date for Non-Renewed Members


Wednesday, October 1st : 1st Collegiate Section Report Due

Thursday, October 23rd – Saturday, October 25th : WE14+ICWES16 Annual Conference (Los Angeles, CA)


Saturday, November 15: IRS Forms Due

Sunday, November 23: RCR President’s Conference Call


Monday, December 1: Region H Individual Awards Nominations Due

Sunday, December 14: RCR President’s Conference Call

December __: Call for Applicants for FY16  RCT


Thursday, January 1: Region H Conference Registration Deadline

Friday, January 23: Travel Grant Application Due for Region H Conference 2015


Sunday, Februrary 1st: 2nd Collegiate Section Report Due

February __: FY14 RCT Applications Due

February 17th: SWE Scholarship Applications Due for Sophomores Through Grad Students

Tuesday, February 10th: 2nd Professional Section Representative Report Due


Friday, March 6th – Saturday, March 7th : Region H Conference (Notre Dame, IN)

Tuesday, March  31st: Individual Awards Due


April __: FY15 RCT Winners Announced


Friday, May 1st: 3rd Collegiate Section Report Due

Sunday, May 10th: 3rd Professional Section Representative Report Due

Sunday, May 31st : Leadership Roster and Financial Report Due

Sunday, May 31st : National and Regional Section Awards Due


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