Leadership Coaching


What we do: The Leadership Coaching Committee coaches our SWE Leadership to maximize the potential of all of our sections.  The LCC was created to prevent the decline in membership and decreased program participation of our struggling sections, but our coaches help strong sections too. The LCC focuses on reaching out to all SWE sections on an annual basis to promote and foster leadership and section vitality. There are currently approximately 75 Coaches across the U.S.

How we work together with collegiate sections: We would like to work with your section during this academic year. We offer consultations to help sections address issues and work toward goals. Our coaches are also trained to present specific modules to SWE members and officers (topics listed below), either in-person or virtually.  You will notice that some are geared specifically towards officers, while others could be used with an entire section.  Modules can be modified for each section’s unique needs. When possible, sections may be coached jointly to learn from each other and collaborate on best practices.

FY17 Modules

  • Building Membership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Leadership Burnout
  • Effective Communication
  • Knowledge of SWE
  • Leadership
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Managing Different Generations
  • Mentee Enrichment
  • Publicity Communications
  • Raising Awareness in Your SWE Community
  • Region Leader
  • SWE Officer Training
  • SWE Section Administration and Operations
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Team Building
  • Active Listening (Collegiate)
  • Event Planning & Advertising (Collegiate)
  • Fund Development for Collegiate Sections (Collegiate)
  • Hit the Ground Running (Collegiate)
  • Women in Engineering Panel (Collegiate)
  • Being an Inclusive Organization (Professional)
  • Challenges of Geographically Large Sections (Professional)
  • Creative Problem Solving (Professional)
  • Finances (Professional)
  • Fund Development for Professional Sections (Professional)
  • Professionalism in Your SWE Section (Professional)
  • Succession Planning (Professional)

About the Coaches

Our region has eight leadership coaches.

Name Type of Coach Location
Kimberly Miller (Team Lead) Collegiate Minnesota
Enanga D. Fale Professional Illinois
Lesley Farah Professional Minnesota
Rachel Beck Collegiate Michigan
Sangeetha Mylvaganam Collegiate Minnesota
Melissa Plourde Collegiate Iowa
Palak Pujara Collegiate Wisconsin
Natalie Setterberg Collegiate Michigan

Become a Leadership Coach

Any SWE member can become a Leadership Coach!
You can even be a leadership coach while you’re still in college!

Becoming a coach is a multi-year commitment because of the training involved. But don’t worry; you can be a Leadership Coach even after you graduate! The best advantage to being a Leadership Coach is that you get to travel to different sections and present at conferences! For more information, contact Kim Miller at miller.kimberly0@gmail.com.