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SWE Communities

SWE Communities

How do I change my username so it is not a random number?

  1. Log onto the SWE website.
  2. Click “SWE Member Data Services“.
  3. Under “Membership Management”, choose “Profile Update“.
  4. Login with your current info.
  5. Scroll down and update your User ID to something more descriptive.
  6. Update contact information as necessary.  You don’t want to miss out on the SWE magazine!
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save and Close”- All done!
 * Your username and password are the same for all parts of member services and for SWE communities.  The career center however requires a different username and password.

Where can I find training on how to use SWE Communities?

  • SWE Communities Training Webinar
  • Login to Communities:
    • At the top of the page you will see a “User Guide” link
    • Check out the podcasts in the SWE Main Community
    • Check out the Quick Start Guides in the SWE Main Community

How do I access documents and information in a Community?

You have to be a member of a community to have access to all the information therein!

How does the searching work in Communities?

For now, the Communities search function works on what keywords/tags were entered when the information was added- so keep that in mind when looking for items.

How do I get into a private community?

If you know you want to be a member of a private community, you need to be invited to it.

How do I start my own community?

To start your own community, find the “Suggest a Community” link, and fill out the required information.

Section Business and SWE Requirements

Can our section elect co-presidents?

No, sorry. Check those bylaws, but SWE only allows one president per section.

Where can I find information about what I can sell, information about IRS E-postcard, and other financial matters?

Check out the “SWE Money” community on SWE Communities. Also, try looking for documents like your Annual and Financial Report templates under the “Region and Section Resources,” look in the Resources section and click “view all.”

Our section wants to host the next Region H Conference, how do we get started?

FY15 Regional Conference Bids can be prepped now! Check the Region H Community on SWE Communities (see link above) and find the “Region H Bid Requirements Documents”, under the Resources tab. It will help you get started.


How can I become more involved with SWE, outside of my section?

  • Be nominated as a SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)
  • Run for RCR, RCCE, or RCS (region representative, communications editor, or senator)
  • Join a national committee
  • Become a Collegiate Leadership Coach
  • Go to Regional and National Conferences

We are hosting an event, but we need more official SWE brochures. How can we get more?

Ever tried to order an amount of official SWE brochures for HQ only to find that there’s a limit to how many you can order? This cap was put in place to help control the stock that sections had just sitting in storage and be able to have them on stock for other sections who ordered them on shorter notice. If you are running an event and find you need more than the pre-determined limit, just send an email off to hq@swe.org and they will help you get what you need!


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