Trump Campaign’s Response to SWE’s Questions

As a vehicle for greater discussion on issues related to women in engineering and STEM, SWE posed questions to the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton, Democrat; Donald Trump, Republican; Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party; and Gary Johnson, Libertarian. Responses were received from the Trump and Clinton campaigns in fall 2016. As a service to our members … Continue reading Trump Campaign’s Response to SWE’s Questions

WE16 Region H Meeting Highlights

Governance Update We anticipate regions will be dissolved by the end of FY18. Because of this, the Senate is proposing several amendments that will make the transition smoother (Region Councils Amendment and Collegiate Director Eligibility Amendments). The Treasurer is putting together a Financial Dissolution Task Force to help with dissolution of finances when the regions … Continue reading WE16 Region H Meeting Highlights

Engineering Round Robin

SWE Illinois has a passion for outreach. Molly McGiles, Abbie Gerth, and Meridan Markowitz have been planning since May for the first outreach event. We are thrilled that today is SWE Illinois’ first large Outreach event of the year: Engineering Round Robin! The theme this year is “Rockin’ Robin”. The girls will go through activities … Continue reading Engineering Round Robin

Apply for weSTEM!

The application to attend weSTEM 2017 is now open! Join GradSWE at Illinois on Saturday, January 28th for their flagship initiative - the Women Empowered in STEM (weSTEM) conference. During this annual event, STEM leaders will share experience and insight from their diverse career paths following a graduate degree. Conference includes panel discussions and breakout … Continue reading Apply for weSTEM!

Leadership Coaching

The Society of Women Engineers Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) is a trained group of over 75 professionals and collegiates with extensive SWE involvement, that want to help pass on their experience and knowledge to better your section’s leadership and professional development. Members of LCC are positioned all over the United States to better help schools and professionals all … Continue reading Leadership Coaching