Region Collegiate Team

The Region Collegiate Team is comprised of four collegiate and four professional members that work on the regional level to make sure your voices are heard.

The team brings together representatives from:

  • The Sections
  • The Senate
  • The Region Council
  • The Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee
  • The Collegiate Interests Committee
  • The Membership Committee

They meet monthly to discuss how students in our region are doing and how they can help.

To learn more about getting involved on a regional level, read about the team’s roles below!

 FY18 Region H Collegiate Team

Role Name School
RCRs Shreya Santhanam University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
Hannah Warner
RCCE Molly McGiles University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
RCS Kelsey Harper University of Minnesota
LCC Team Lead Kim Miller  N/A
Governor Tricia Walker  N/A
Lt Governor Stephanie Foege  N/A

Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)

Your Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR) are two collegiates elected by you—the region membership—to represent our region on a national level.

The RCRs make sure that your section is the best it can be. They keep the Region Governor and Board of Directors up to date on the needs of collegiates in our area. They also run meetings at the Annual Conference and Regional Conference, attend a summer leadership training conference, and network with SWE leaders from across the country!

Your RCRs are your best resource for questions about anything SWE-related. They can find you help with membership issues, financial problems, or report deadlines. If your section needs help, email them at

Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)

Your Collegiate Communications Editor is a collegiate elected to improve communication between sections within our region. Primarily, she manages this blog!

The RCCE helps share best practices within our region and also helps the RCRs with their role, such as running the collegiate meetings at National and Regional conferences. She is your best resource for mass-distributing information, such as events or deadlines. If your section has an event you want publicized regionally, or a great idea (or event, social, workshop…) they’d like to share with the rest of the region, email the RCCE at If you have any content you would like shared on Region H’s Instagram or Twitter, please submit it here.

Region Collegiate Senator

Your Region Collegiate Senator (RCS) is a collegiate elected by the region membership to represent our region and our region’s collegiates on the SWE Senate. The RCS serves as the collegiate voice on the Society Senate, attending Senate meetings at Annual Conference, in the Spring, and via telecon.

According to the Article V, Section 2 of the SWE bylaws:

The senate shall be responsible for charting the strategic direction of SWE by developing and adopting the long-range goals for the Society.  The senate shall also be responsible for developing statements of external policy on issues or positions that have broad implications for the professional environment and the Society as an organization.  To these ends, the senate shall conduct essential dialogue on long-term trends and issues of common interest, and may appoint subordinate units to assist in the creation of these strategic directions or policies.  The senate shall communicate the outcome of such dialogue to the board of directors.

Region Governor

Your Region Governor is a professional member. She runs and represents our region. She also advises region leaders, keeps us updated on SWE issues, reports on our needs, and ensures the health of your section and the region as a whole.

Region Lieutenant Governor

The Lt. Governor is the organizer of the Region Collegiate Team. She facilitates information-sharing between us. She also serves as Region Governor if the Governor is temporarily unable to serve.

SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)

SWE Future Leaders are underclassman who have the potential to be a SWE leader for their section, region, or the society.

Past Region Collegiate Teams:





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