Jamie Sanderson (, FY15 Region H Collegiate Senator

As noted earlier, rebranding was one of the agenda items for the FY15 Annual SWE Senate meeting. Following the meeting, the results and recommendations were presented and discussed at all the region conferences, including the Region H Conference held March 6th –7that the University of Notre Dame. We thought we’d use the conference video tape to ensure all points brought up during the collegiate meeting were covered, but it turned out the collegiate meeting wasn’t included so please feel free to contact me if the following information does not answer your questions or if you have additional comments you’d like to share. I definitely want to represent our region as well as possible!

The David James Group (DJG), SWE’s in-house marketing agency for the last eight years, conducted a survey during the spring of 2014. 58% of the 2000+ respondents were members of a professional SWE section, 27% were members of a collegiate SWE section, and 15% were non-members. DJG’s recommendations were based on the results from this survey as well as some additional benchmarking efforts.

DJG explained that the gear is less literal which is meant to remove any limitations about the gear not representing all of the engineering disciplines; that the three sections of the logo visually tie to the tagline, Aspire / Advance / Achieve; that the acronym is featured because it is how most members and supporters refer to SWE; and that the acronym approach will make the logo more easily understood on a global basis.

Lower case letters were selected because they are perceived as being more welcoming. DJG also showed examples where other large corporations use lower case, e.g., UPS:

(Image retrieved from

The words Aspire / Advance / Achieve were included in the logo because more than two-thirds of the DJG survey respondents fell into the category that said they “really liked” them. However, for logo usage under 1.5 inches, the logo would appear without the full name or tagline:


The increased cost associated with screen printing three vs. two colors, as in the current logo, was discussed. A single color or a “reverse” version of the logo that requires only one color could be used to reduce costs.

Example of reversed image of logo less than 1.5 inches:


DJG indicated that the current logo is challenging to accurately reproduce because of the way theletters are contained within the gear. We were told the colors chosen for the proposed logo work well on the web.

Proposed logo with Aspire/Advance/Achieve tag line:


When used for collegiate sections, the collegiate section information would replace the Aspire / Advance / Achieve tagline.

The ballot for voting on the proposed logo is now open for Senate members. It will remain open until May 7th so, again, please feel free to contact me if you have additional comments or questions or simply want to let me know how you feel. I appreciate your input!


Jamie Sanderson (, FY15 Region H Collegiate Senator

I hope the end of the school year is going well for you! The SWE Senate has been busy, and I have a few updates to share.

Cathy Pieronek
I’m sure most of you have already seen and/or heard that Cathy Pieronek, Region H Senator, Region Conference Advisor, and Notre Dame SWE Advisor, passed away on April 9th. I had the opportunity to serve with Cathy this past year. I enjoyed working with her and respected her a great deal. We will all really miss her.

FY15 Annual SWE Senate Meeting
The agenda for the FY15 Annual SWE Senate Meeting included, among other things, Motion S-1501 (Member Removal), an update from the Strategic Initiatives Committee, and a presentation on and discussion about rebranding efforts.

Motion S-1501
Motion S-1501 proposed a bylaws amendment to clarify that SWE membership can be revoked not only for failure to pay dues, but also if a member is found by the Ethics Committee to have violated the Code of Conduct. The motion passed, and the bylaw now reads as follows:

Section 4.B.
Any member who fails to pay dues according to the established schedule shall be dropped from the Society’s membership register. A member may be disciplined or removed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the “Procedures for Review of SWE Member Conduct,” which shall be kept updated on the SWE website. Amendments to these procedures may be proposed by the board of directors or the ethics committee, for approval by the Senate.

Strategic Initiatives
The FY15 Strategic Initiative focused on how SWE can better support small business members and improve its relationship with small businesses. Members employed by companies with less than 500 employees (which is the small business size standard established by the U.S. Small Business Administration) were surveyed regarding membership, professional development, awards, and networking. The results will be used to try to develop new tools and programs that will be helpful to small business members. It was also specifically noted that the needs of entrepreneurs may not be identical to the needs of small businesses.

The Strategic Initiatives Committee has been soliciting ideas for FY16 and will select the next topic in late May.

Brand Messaging and Identity
SWE chose to work with the David James Group (SWE’s in-house marketing agency for the last eight years) for its rebranding efforts. Results include a revised brand positioning statement and a proposed new logo:

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. To ensure SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, the Society offers unique opportunities to network, provides professional development and shapes public policy. SWE champions the value of diversity and inspires girls to become engineers in order to expand the engineering profession’s ability to improve the quality of life for billions of people worldwide.


Pictured from left to right: Cathy Pieronek, Kalyani Mallela, and Jamie Sanderson.

The David James Group explained that the gear has been re-imagined and is more stylized and less literal which removes any limitations about the gear not representing all of the engineering disciplines; that the three sections of the logo visually tie to the tagline, Aspire / Advance / Achieve; that the acronym is featured because it is how most of the members and supporters refer to SWE; and that the acronym approach will make the logo more easily understood globally.

Additional discussion about rebranding and the proposed new logo will follow in another post.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions about any of these updates.

Good luck to everyone finishing up the semester!


The SWE FY15 Senate – with all 32 professional and collegiate members in attendance – met during the annual conference on October 25, 2014. Diane LaFortune, SWE Senate Secretary, did a great job summarizing the meeting in the minutes, but here are a few highlights:

  • SWE Re-branding efforts continue. This is something for sections to keep in mind as they design and/or order merchandise. Sections may want to hold off until around March if they want to use the updated brand.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Cards have been developed through collaboration between the Society of Women Engineers and ARUP. Each card revolves around a key aspect of identifying the unconscious biases in the engineering industry, academia, and government in North America. The intention of these cards is to act as a catalyst for discussion and reflection. They are available for purchase through the SWE Store.
  • The Strategic Initiatives Committee (formerly known as the Mega Issues Committee)  “…performs necessary research and develops white papers to facilitate the society’s dialogue on strategic initiatives that align with the society’s strategic goals.” To make sure it focuses on issues that interest you most, its members want to hear from you. The idea submission form can be accessed here.
  • The SWE Work Life Integration Playbook E-Book is an example of this group’s work.
  • The Senate’s winter face-to-face meeting will be held January 30th and 31st in Nashville, TN. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to discuss.

Also, the nomination process for FY16 positions begins soon. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in running for next year’s RCS position or would just like to learn a little bit more.

Good luck to everyone finishing up the semester!

Jamie Sanderson


Greetings Region H!

My name is Ashley Stroup, and I am the Region Collegiate Senator for Region H. This past week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the SWE Annual Conference, WE ’13. As a member of the Senate, I attended the SWE Senate Meeting on Saturday. This was a great opportunity to see how SWE functions at its top levels.

At the senate meeting, we voted on three Bylaws Amendments. The first vote concerned who would chair the Nominating Committee. There was a motion to require the immediate past president to serve as the chair of this committee. Having the past president serve as chair would be great because they are very well qualified for the position. However, this lengthens their term to three years (one as president elect, one as president, and one as chair of the committee.) Due to the concern of burnout, a substitute motion was passed that allows the past president to serve as chair should they wish, but does not require it.

The second amendment voted on concerned the election of the Collegiate Director. In the past, the Collegiate Director was nominated by the president elect and approved by the Board of Directors. The senate voted nearly unanimously to change the Collegiate Director elections to be voted on by collegiate section presidents. This brings continuity to the election of the region collegiate team since collegiate section presidents currently vote to elect Region Collegiate Senator (RCS), Region Collegiate Representatives (RCR), and the Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE).

The third, and final amendment voted on concerned the number of Region Collegiate Representatives per region. Currently, each region is assigned one RCR per 20 collegiate sections. Eight out of the ten regions within SWE are large enough to have two RCRs. A task force had recommended that each region be allowed only one RCR. This change also includes significant position responsibility changes. Should the amendment pass, the RCR and RCCE would redistribute their responsibilities in order to manage the work load associated with larger regions. After much discussion, the amendment was postponed indefinitely, and will likely be discussed again at the spring senate meeting.

I hope everyone who attended WE ’13 had a great time, and I would encourage all of the WE ’14 attendees next year to consider attending the Senate meeting. These meetings are a great way to see what changes are happening within SWE, and to see what leadership positions are available as a professional member.

Thanks for reading!

Ashley Stroup


WE’11 was a busy and exciting time for the senate! The Senate Meeting was on Saturday, Oct. 15th. Here is a brief overview of what the senate has done so far this year.


Motions Passed:

  • S-1201 Delegate Senate FY13 Nominations to Society Nominating Committee- allows the society nominating committee to complete FY13 senate nominations for Deputy Speaker & Senate Secretary
  • S 1202: Contingency Reserve Fund Revision- changes current reserve fund to an emergency fund and a special projects fund
  • S 1203: Amendment to Procedure for Review of SWE Member Conduct to Update Composition of Ethics Committee- expands pool of eligible members for Ethics Committee
  • S 1204: Sections in Good Standing- defines professional section “good standing” within bylaws
  • S 1205: Collegiate Sections in Good Standing- defines collegiate section “good standing” within bylaws as having at least 10 members, current bylaws, an elected counselor, and filed annual reports
  • S 1206: Committee Charters- all committees must have a charter, but procedures are optional
  • S 1207: Deputy Director of Regions Vacancy- clarifies that a vacancy will be filled consistent with BOD vacancies, by the Senate within 60 days
  • S 1208: SWE Membership Rates for Low and Lower Middle Income International Members- recommends that the BOD  gives a 66% membership discount to  members in Low income countries and a 33% discount to members in Lower Middle income countries

Additional Information:

  • Senate Winter Meeting (Sat February 11) in Houston in conjunction with Annual Strategic Plan Review (ASPR) meeting
  • Kickoff of Role of Alternates Task Force will be occurring soon and is looking for members.

Senate Mega Issues were discussed

  • MI 00116 -How can SWE inspire companies to provide creative opportunities for engineers who want to contribute in their industry and attend to family needs?
  • MI 00121: How do we change the conversations from what member value SWE provides to how engaged are our members?

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, concerns or would like to make a motion for the next senate meeting!  Bylaws amendment motions are due November 11th and other senate motions are due December 30th. Again, I’m more than happy to answer any questions!


Liz Buzzard, Region H Collegiate Senator


Region H Section Presidents:

SWE National is in the process of evaluating the programs and services offered by the Society, and has asked the Senate to gather feedback from our regions. Your opinions are needed as SWE tries to evaluate how to make all of our services valuable to members.

As Region H Senators, we have created a survey to gather opinions on these programs – which ones add value to your SWE membership, and which could use some improvement. Please respond to the survey below. We would also like your assistance in distributing the survey link to your own section’s officers and members so that we can get a broad perspective on how these programs are used within all membership grades. The survey link may also be found on the Region H Blog Senate Tab.

Survey Link:

ATTN: Professional members, please provide the Senate with your feedback with the survey at the following link:


Wondering what happened at the Senate Meeting Nov. 6th at the Annual Conference in Orlando?  Well, here is a snapshot summary and how the changes will affect you.

Bylaw Motions Passed:

  • S-1101 Member Voting Rights – just spells out the voting rights of members and who has these rights
  • S-1103 Collegiate Candidates for Region Officer Positions – collegiates will have the ability to be eligible through the nominating committee for region officer positions
  • S-1104 Collegiate Candidates for Professional Section Positions – collegiates will have the ability to be eligible through the nominating committee for professional section positions
  • S-1105 Collegiate Candidates for MAL Positions – collegiates will have the ability to be eligible through the nominating committee for MAL positions
  • S-1106 Collegiate Director Position on Board of Director – the currently guest position of Collegiate Board Representative has become a permanent voting position on the Board of Directors and the selection process will be completed as previously done
  • S-1108 Senate Speaker Eligibility – increased the number of candidates eligibility to apply to be senate speakerS-1109 Board Eligibility – increased the number of candidates eligibility to apply to the Board of Directors
  • S-1110 SWE Code of Conduct – requires all members to abide by the Society’s code of conduct and leaders to the Society’s code of service
  • S-1112 Editorial Changes by Bylaws Committee – allows the bylaws committee to make editorial changes to passed motions to ensure they are within the bylaws requirements/format


  • S-1102 Region Officers Voting on Region Council – region officers voting procedures will remain the same
  • S-1107 Disbanding a Committee by the Board of Directors – BOD has already addressed this situation with a procedure

Additional Information:

  • Ruthann Omer and Jonna Gerken were passed by the senate as special senators and they will have full voting senate rights
  • S1111 Senate Procedure will be voted on at the February face to face meeting in Chicago

Senate Mega Issues were discussed

  • MI 00106 – How can we empower women engineers to be successful on their own terms?
  • MI 00112 – How can SWE provide assistance to unemployed members?
  • MI 00114 – To what extent and in what areas should SWE venture beyond STEM to issues relevant to SWE’s mission in the area of public policy?

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, concerns or would like to make a motion for the next senate meeting!  I’m more than happy to answer them.


Allison Machtemes, Region H Collegiate Senator (


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